Jojoba Fights Environment Damages

It’s a fact! Microbeads from personal care products, specially face and body scrubs, are bad

Jojoba Workshop – June, 2017

You all know that new jojoba products in cosmetics and personal care continue to sprout,

Jojoba Oil Market Projected to Reach $254.2 Million

We know from the very begging of JOJOBA VALLEY that we are in the right

Breaking News from Our Fields

2016 was, still is, very good to JOJOBA VALLEY. And we would like to share

JOJOBA VALLEY is Coming to Japan

Following secret negotiations….We are laughing, all what you do is transparent… Now seriously, JOJOBA VALLEY

Reminder, Jojoba Oil is Good for…

Presuming that you all know what is JOJOBA – how does it look, where it

3,2,1….Happy New Year!!!

Hello to the JOJOBA industry Community – producers, dealers, customers and consumers. 2017 is in

Jojoba Oil – Uses and Advantages

No more animal fat and whale oil in cosmetic products! More and more massage therapists,

From Jojoba Seeds to Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Valley – Your one-stop-shop for quality jojoba oil! From plants, through seeds, to pure,