Exporting JOJOBA VALLEY’s first Barrels shipment to Japan this week, we have decided to give a brief overview of the global jojoba market.

Jojoba is being grown in Israel, Argentina, Peru and Australia. One thing that is common to this so-much-different states is that all experiences sufficient water and suitable climate and soil conditions.

Nowadays growers in Egypt, Tunisia, India and even in China are giving a try to jojoba planting.

Now get a SCOOP…farmers from Morocco contacted Jojoba Valley, asking for knowledge. Needless to say we are there for them.

Jojoba acreage planted in Israel and Argentina, primarily from rooted cuttings, began commercial production in the early Nineties. Jojoba grown in Peru began coming to markets in the begging of the millenium. Though the origin of the jojoba is from North America, nowadays no significant planting and growing is attributed to the richest country on earth.

Supply –
Israel is the biggest producer and distributor of jojoba oil, accounted for nearly 40% of the overall global production.

Demand – 
North America accounted for about 40% of the overall global volume which made it the largest market.

Segment –
Cosmetics is the largest segment/industry of the global market accounting for about 70% of the overall revenue.

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