Answer: yes. Now learn more…

Jojoba oil  is rich in different sorts of vitamins and minerals. The organic jojoba oil produced by JOJOBA VALLEY has similar cooking grade categories to the beloved olive oil. The well known problem of dissociating while cooking tied to olive oil does not appear in the jojoba oil case. Oil made from jojoba withstands high temperatures without separating.       

When used in cooking, the jojoba oil will not provide calories because it cannot be digested by the body, but instead it acts as a lubricant for our digestive system. See it as a gift from one hand… yet be aware of the fact that it is useless in regard to the nutritious aspect.

Jojoba oil usage in cooking, conclusions-

  • Go only on organic
  • Jojoba oil has no calories, yet it has no nutritious contribution
  • Use it in small amount
  • It is more expensive than ‘regular’ cooking oils
  • Do not eat the beans! Leave it to the farmers…

Finally, till new announcement (there will be one soon…) we recommend on using jojoba oil for beauty care and body calming only, We’ll leave the kitchen to our friends the olive producers. 

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