The Israeli Prime minister’s hair color became an issue in the last few weeks. Once it is green, then purple (the loveliest in our opinion), orange, grey and so….?What is happening to Bibi’s hair”? People ask. “Should not he focus on more important issues?”

We, at Jojoba Valle answer them saying, “Hein, the PM’s hair condition is Super important”. Many hair care and now, beard care products proudly claim that they contain jojoba oil.

So here are some Awesome Uses of Jojoba Oil for Hair That You did not know…


  • Missioners travelers in the California peninsula were the first to use Jojoba oil as a sort of hair condition. It was in the 18th century.   
  • Jojoba oil has no odor and it pledges high shelf life. These 2 facts combining with the beard softening capability, are the properties that you need from a carrier oil when you want to use jojoba oil for beard oil mix. This is essentially important when you want to make your own beard oil recipe. 

Benefits for Hair & Beard

  • The oil is just like human sebum and that is what makes it so perfect for use on skin and hair. The fact that it is so close to human sebum means the scalp on our head will not react badly with the oil. The natural balance is maintained on the top of our head.
  • The oil has antibacterial properties. It is used to soothe scalps that suffer from dryness or dandruff.
  • The oil is only 2% saturated fats. It means it can penetrate hair fibres from the inside and strengthen them.
  • Jojoba oil can go into the hair shaft itself, it helps to retain moisture longer and prevent this sort of damage over the long term.
  • Jojoba oil is perfect for those with very thin hair who want to add a bit of thickness. It improves hair volume. In addition it makes the hair shine and look fuller.
  • Light massage with the oil on hair can encourage better blood flow and improve the health of the hair. The fact that the oil is very light and non-greasy means you can probably do it every day.

SO…..Remember to prepare your hair to Summer!