Jojoba Valley Sales & Marketing team announces in almost every town hall meeting we have that Jojoba Oil is a hit in Japan. We believe them…we see the sales in the land of the rising sun, and yet we were overwhelmed that jojoba oil is in the Top-5 list of products to be repurchased in Muji, the so-admired shop  (

Muji is popular for high quality, low price and clear packaging. All the skin care products are made of natural water from Kamaishi in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. The aim of Muji is simple, so the packaging and powder cases are just a plain white and transparent. You can find Muji shop across Japan, the US and Europe. 

In the list of The Highest Repurchase Products From Muji Japan, between light toning water, Moisturising Milk appears proudly the Jojoba Oil in 50cc, 100 and 200cc. In the one-paragraph on the product it is written – 

“Jojoba Oil is made from jojoba seeds with 100% natural refine oil. Not only it can be used in your daily skin care, it also can be makeup remover, lip care, hair care, nail care and body care. Just apply to any specific dry position to increase moisture the skin and the use after bath is the best time to improve absorption”. We know all that. it is great to be reassured.

We are leaving to Japan for a while.
Stay Tuned,

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