It is a 2nd post in a series entitled ‘men’s hair style’.  You (men or women that wish her partner’s hair will be super fine) can use it as tool tips for a much better look and feel. 

Improving your hair using Jojoba – 

step-1 – Use a little bit of the oil in a bowl. Adjust the quantity you use depending on the length of your hair.

step-2 – Place the bowl of oil in a microwave to heat it up and get it to the right temperature (warm but not too warm…)

Step-3 – Gently dip your hands in the heated bowl. Be careful as for the heat. Rub your hands together

Step-4 – Apply the oil mostly on the hair itself (not onto the scalp or the roots of).

Comments – Wear a plastic bath cap right after you finished. This will prevent the oil from oozing out of your hair and onto your shoulders. You can apply jojoba oil everyday if you like or every other day.

3 different sorts of treatments to apply jojoba oil – 

Leave in – Leave it in for 15 minutes and then wash it all off after you feel the oil has sunk in deep enough to the roots of your hair.

Mix with shampoo (2-in-1) – Take a couple of teaspoons of the oil and infuse it with the shampoo. This is a great way to get a conditioned look for your hair.

After shower – Try it out right after you come out of the shower to get super shiny effect. This is a great way to avoid that crunchy feeling and protect your hair long term.

We get some great feedbacks in respect to these post, both from young and mature men (and women…). The next post in the set will be upon beard  care…

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