Conventional Golden Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Valley’s Conventional Golden Jojoba oil is a natural, cold-pressed liquid wax, produced from premium-quality jojoba seeds. Nets, spread across the plantation ground, ensure that only the freshest seeds are harvested and used for further processing. During the harvest season (September thru October) the seeds are cleaned and dried before being processed by cold-press methods, to ensure that all of the oil’s natural beneficial properties are maintained during extraction. The oil, which is very similar to the human Sebum that is secreted naturally from the skin, is rich in omega 9, vitamin E and other valuable components that make the oil the perfect ingredient for various cosmetic products.
After being pressed, centrifuged and filtered, the pure oil is carefully packed in jerrycans, steel drums or IBCs and shipped under the strictest conditions to our customers around the world.
The oil is Kosher and Vegan certified, as well as COSMOS Approved.

Shelf life: 3 years from production date when kept in accordance with the company’s storage instructions