We start a new feature in the blog – THE MVP OF THE MONTH. Yes, we know it is so sportsmanlike. We love sport, what can we do? Each month, starting from now, we will choose a product based on Jojoba oil and announce it: THE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH. Easy. The pick will be backed, of-course, with arguments. And the winner of September is….Jojoba Oil hot treatment

What it is
A conditioning hot oil treatment

What it does
Deeply hydrates dry, damaged hair

Key Ingredients –
Jojoba Oil, Panthenol

How it feels
A fruity-smelling-liquid that feels slick, not greasy

Why they like it
This weekly softening treatment is surprisingly light for an oil but can still weigh down fine hair. Use it before shampooing to ensure hair is left residue-free. And don’t ditch the cardboard box it comes in if you plan on saving half-used tubes. It’ll keep them upright so they don’t spill.

Take care of your hair,

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