Our customers and partners, one may say even our competitors, state that Jojoba Valley’s oil is the best you can find in the market. We agree. They set it for these reasons –

Our jojoba bushes grow in ideal conditions, which is why our seeds are better for producing the finest oil.

When the seeds are at their best, we spread nets beneath the bushes. This process guarantees that only fresh seeds fill the sacks that are brought to the factory. Our oil is never produced from seeds that were gathered from the ground after lying there for a year or more.

From the fields we bring the seeds to our factory, located just a few kilometers away. We use the most advanced means to extract the oil. We lightly press the seeds only once. The substance that’s extracted the first time is the raw material we use to produce the oil – meaning less jojoba but higher quality.

Our oil production process results in a peroxide value lower than 1… while our competitors’ is around 2 – and an acid value of 0.7 compared to 1 with our competitors. What does this actually mean?

  1. Our oil is more stable and doesn’t oxidize.
  2. Our oil is more golden.
  3. Our oil is almost odorless.
  4. Jojoba Valley’s oil is similar to your skin’s natural oil.

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