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How-to use
jojoba oil on your beard

  • It is recommended to use jojoba oil for beard as a carrier oil. Together with argan and coconut oil.
  • Three to nine drops of jojoba oil, depend on your bear’s length, are more than enough to cover your beard.
  • Leave the oil in to settle for about 15 minutes or more. After

Jojoba oil, why is it good for your beard

  • It’s a natural beard softener.
  • No need to be blend it. Use it as is.
  • It is good to the hair on the head…it is surely good for hair on your face.
  • It assists you in growing a healthy-looking beard in no time.
  • It has Vitamins E and B, and silicon, copper and zinc. These nutrients are found in trace amounts and are adequate to moisturize your skin and prevent it from drying out.
  • Jojoba oil is antibacterial.
  • It is an important ingredient in a beard balm recipe.

And Finally, if you decide to shave your beard….then jojoba oil is a MUST!
Our experts say that Nothing beats the soft, smooth feeling of having a mix of oils with warm jojoba oil rubbed into your facial pores after you get a close shave and a warm shower.

Protect your shave,