Jojoba-Enriched, Vegetable-Based
Silicone Alternatives

Silicones have long been a key ingredient in cosmetic formulations, enhancing texture, sensory experience, gloss, and spreadability. However, recent studies indicate that traditional chemical-based silicones may pose health risks and are potentially linked to certain health conditions. As these silicones may soon be banned in cosmetics, the demand for natural, vegetable-based alternatives is growing.

Jojoba Valley’s Solution

In response to this need, Jojoba Valley introduces two innovative, first-to-market jojoba-enriched silicone alternatives that maintain the benefits of traditional silicones while ensuring health and environmental safety. Our 100% natural, vegetable-based silicone alternatives offer effective and safe solutions:

Jojoba-Enriched Vegetable Alternative to Non-Volatile Silicone

Jojoba-Enriched Vegetable Alternative to Highly Volatile Silicone