2016 was, still is, very good to JOJOBA VALLEY. And we would like to share with you some of the achievements. So…

  • We purchased 300 hectares of fine ground in the Israeli Negev. More territory means more plants in the coming years, more beans….More amazing oil.   
  • We produced much more Organic Jojoba than last year.
  • JOJOBA VALLEY purchased area of 50 hectare for organic growth only, supervised by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture. You are invited to test it.
  • We focused on producing high quality transparent oil, one that is free from color and odor
  • We have finished collecting and cleaning all the beans – seconds before the first rains of the  season. Enjoying from low humidity percentage (=less than 4%), JOJOBA VALLEY beans are just excellent, and the oil expected to be produced from it is perfect.

Stay tuned,