We have read it and said: ‘WOW’.

“We may think we’re in the chemical industry, but in the future, we will be in the sustainable functionalized carbon industry. A biological revolution is underway. The revolution is driven by consumer preferences for more natural products, as well as a fundamental desire to preserve the planet we live on”.

Read one more time this insight quoted from the article written by Sam Nejame, Promotum and Nikola Matic, Kline under the title: ‘Synthetic Biology Aligns with Individual Health Concerns and State of the Planet’. And yes, the article appears as one of ‘the’ subjects to be discussed in the coming In-Cosmetics event.    

In-Cosmetics will take place in London on 4-6 April and it is by far the most important and massive cosmetic exhibition. The event brings together 700 exhibitors of ingredients, fragrances, lab equipment, testing with over than 9,000 cosmetic manufactures worldwide. So much beauty in one place…

We in Jojaba Valley love In-Cosmetics events and this year we’ll like it even more not only because we’ll meet you but also because of the clear message of Nejame & Matic….

“A revolution in how ingredients are sourced is in progress. Driven by consumers’ preference for healthier earth friendly products, ingredients made via synthetic biology will increasingly make their way into our daily lives” the two state, and continue…”if we think strategically about our customers and the demands of the end consumer, the world of personal care products starts to look very different….consumer markets have changed dramatically with two big exceptions: continued concerns over individual health and the impact of global warming. These are issues that do pose a significant threat to the chemical and allied industries”. The authors continue and ask manufacturers to look upon their business from the end customer’s point-of-view…“She is demanding not only that her personal care products are sustainable and not just less toxic, but that they are biodegradable. What if products from Procter & Gamble or Unilever were not just less toxic, not just biodegradable, but edible?

And Let’s take it a step further – What if you could manufacture packaging that was not just edible, but good for you? What if this resulted in weight reduction, helped create healthy microbiomes, or resulted in happier, better lives”?

Jojoba Valley representatives will happily meet you in the In-Cosmetics London event. Contact us to set-up a meeting.

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