Jojoba Valley – Your one-stop-shop for quality jojoba oil! From plants, through seeds, to pure, quality oil, we have eliminated the middleman – saving our customers time and money, and ensuring they receive the very best quality oil available.

Up until a few years ago, we took care of all aspects of the jojoba plant while leaving oil processing and marketing to others. As highly experienced farmers, we knew exactly what to do: Prepare the soil, plant the shrubs, harvest the jojoba and send the seeds to an external company, who would then extract the jojoba oil and sell it to customers worldwide.

Jojoba Valley End to End Process

A while ago, however, we realized that in order to offer our customers the best possible end product – excellent, cold-pressed oil – we need to complete the process ourselves. It was then that we began learning everything we could about extracting the oil. We built a dedicated plant, purchased state-of-the-art equipment, and got down to work.

We now carry out the entire manufacturing process ourselves: from planting the jojoba, through harvesting and storing, to extracting the oil and packaging it – Jojoba Valley is a successful one-stop-shop for producing jojoba oil.

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