It’s a fact! Microbeads from personal care products, specially face and body scrubs, are bad to the environment. Microbeads ‘assit’ to increasing marine pollution. That is why in the last 2 years legislators, mainly in North America and Europe – the engines of pro-nature and environment legislation, enact rules that outlaw the microbeads as an ingredient.

One of the much-better ingredients, both to human face and corp, and even more important to nature, was found to be….JOJOBA. Ingredients producers giants like Evonik come up with a solution that will not cause long term pollution issues. Some of the industry leaders produce materials based on the wax and oil of jojoba.

Ingredient made from castor oil and jojoba exist already in the market as a substitute for these bad microbeads. It is clear that many more products to come, specially due to the fact that microbeads are already out of law in many countries.

source – William Reed Business Media SAS
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