Jojoba is really versatile and if you find that it suits your hair or skin well, it may just be the only oil you will ever need.

The way jojoba oil is manufactured can affect the results of the end product on your skin. You strongly recommend to pay attention before you buy any bottle of jojoba oil for hair, beard or skin care.

Many industrialized farms use a method of farming that involves heavy use of chemicals. This improves yields for farmers but makes the oil unusable for skin and hair applications.

People prefer organic varieties of jojoba oil for beard and hair. This oil is expeller-pressed or cold-pressed to get unrefined and 100% organic jojoba oil. Expeller and cold pressed oil are widely available in supermarkets in the US.

And remember, you can jojoba oil with other oils if you prefer or simply use it by itself after a shower or shave to get the best results.

Enjoy your purchase and product.

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