True, Valentin’s day is behind us, yet in one of our last posts we wrote about the difference between Male and Female (we speak about Jojoba plants right…), and we have been asked to elaborate upon this subject, so voila…

In nature like in nature it is the female plant that delivers the acorn shaped fruit. The gender of jojoba plants can only be discerned from their flowers. The pale green female flowers are borne singly at each leaf node. The yellowish green male flowers are borne in clusters. On the bottom of the page to the left you can see a photo of a female plant, the male is to its left.

The reproduction process occurs as followed –
The female plants produce seed from flowers pollinated by the male plants. Jojoba leaves have an aerodynamic shape, creating a spiral effect, which brings wind-born pollen from the male flower to the female flower. In Israel, where JOJOBA VALLEY is based, pollination occurs during February and March (= end of winter). 

The pollinated female flower becomes a hardened capsule, which contains one or more developing seeds. As the growing seed fills the capsule, the capsule wall becomes progressively thinner until the sun dries it. That is the time for the capsule to be collected. In Israel, it occurs in the months of August, September.








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