Shoppers are more connected to digital than ever, and brands are taking notice. Many companies, which 10 years ago barely made a digital mark, are now leading the way in the digital shopping revolution. As customer expectations continue to change, shoppers are beginning to focus on getting products the quickest and simplest way.

Which one of these methods is the best for customers and why should brands consider them for their own strategies? Sean Singleton, Managing Director @ your Favourite Story ask the question and answer on it in You are the one to judge…. 

In-store Buying, 1-Liner – The beauty counter has long been a shopping staple in any department store or retail location, which is why it’s often found close to the front of the store and offers eye-catching displays.
  • Shopping in-store is always an experience, even social experience
  • Some people use shopping as an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours
  • Getting products instantly (shopper POV)
  • In-store customers are able to test products
  • shopping in-store offer sales experts who work with the brand
  • Beauty stores are able to offer additional services such as makeup training, makeovers etc.
  • Lack of reviews (THE pledge of OnLine buying)
  • Some women find the beauty section of department stores to be overwhelming
  • Some shoppers feel embarrassed by their own lack of knowledge about product
  • Customers are limited to shopping within open hours
  • Overspending (Shopper POV)
OnLine Shopping, 1-Liner – Digital has taken over! Online shopping is also a great tool for brands of any size to sell their products worldwide.
  • It can be done anywhere, anytime
  • Online shopping enables consumers to compare products using online reviews
  • Social media influencers – brands are able to collaborate with these influencers to show off new products or offer special online sales codes. Shoppers can gain lots of information from the influencers (ex. youtubers)
  • Product and Price comparison
  • Products are almost always in stock. You can’t find something at one store, try the next one
  • Personalization and Customization
  • No testing
  • Customers miss the physical aspect and experience aspect of shopping in-store

NOW, which strategy do you prefer?…Brands and Shoppers, write to us. And remember, a joined approach is also possible, right?

BTW, Sean Singleton will be discussing this issue in his session focusing on how to use digital to effectively launch a beauty product at in-cosmetics Global in London, 4-6 April.