Jojoba Butter

Our Jojoba butter is the perfect addition to any skin, hair, lip and sun care formulation. With its regenerative and sensory advantages, it boosts almost any cosmetic product imaginable.
The stable and delicate Butter form allows a wide range of new formulations, with the benefits of both worlds – The benefits of a Butter – Excellent texture, stabilizing properties, viscosity effect and emulsion attributes, while keeping all natural health benefits of the Jojoba oil.

Cosmetic Properties
Excellent Emollient – Skin toning and regeneration)
Natural Moisturizer.
Effective skin penetration
Fantastic skin feel – No oily or greasy sensation
Softening and Nourishing properties
Improves skin elasticity
Adds a luxurious and elegant skin feel in finished products
Extremely stable over a wide range of temperatures
Helps Stabilizing emulsions & Adjusts viscosity
improves product Spreadability

Use: Add to an emulsion system in an Oil Phase
Cosmetic Interest

Skin care: very dry and ageing skin products
Sun care
Hair care: conditioners/creams/masks
Lipsticks & lip balms
SPA: massage butter, used directly to soothe and rehydrate the skin