Squalene-Based Jojoba Butter

Jojoba Valley’s Squalene-based Jojoba Butter doesn’t contain any hydrogenated ingredients and is a natural, stable and pure semi-transparent glossy waxy butter. It is composed ONLY (no preservatives or antioxidants) by Jojoba oil and olive oil Squalene (Unsaponifiables).
This Butter continues our long term strategy to supply the industry with highly sustainable products, in order to minimize our ecological footprint on the planet.
Our Squalene-Based Jojoba Butter has all the active properties and benefits of the Jojoba and Olive Oil for skin and hair, but with higher concentration of Jojoba oil, Squalene, natural Tocopherols and Sterol Esters.
This Butter is a real cosmetic gem, wrapped in the most Waste-Zero and Upcycling product.
Amazing interactions with skin metabolism (skin and hair health).

Cosmetic Properties
Great skin affinity
Great spreadability and penetration properties
Soft and silky feel on the skin
Doesn’t leave oily feel on the skin.
Assist in improving skin flexibility
Assist in stabilizing emulsions and Adjusts viscosity
Contributes a gloss finish to cosmetics
Unique for new textures development in cosmetics

Use: Formulate with 2%-10% but can be used on the skin as a stand-alone product.
Cosmetic Interest

Skin care: creams, lotions & balms
Lipsticks & lip balms
Sun care: after sun creams, lotions & balms
Hair care: hair conditioners, creams and masks
Make up
SPA: massage butter, used directly to soothe and rehydrate the skin