Replace Whale Oil with Jojoba Oil, Save the Whales!
For centuries, hundreds of thousands of whales where hunted and killed for their oil and meat products.

Encyclopedia Britannica states that whale oil was first used mainly for producing soap and as lamp fuel. In the beginning of the 20th century, however, the use of whale oil increased greatly and was introduced into the cosmetics industries in the form of soaps and alcohols. Whale oil also became widely used for manufacturing fat for margarine and soap, and for producing vitamin D. Moreover, during both world wars, whale fat was used for producing explosives.

In order to meet the growing demand for whale oil, tens of thousands of whales were hunted and killed each year – causing massive damage to the whale population. Thankfully, during the 1980s, when some whale species were in danger of becoming extinct, the International Whaling Commission placed an international ban on whale hunting. At this point, jojoba oil was found to be an excellent alternative to whale oil.

Jojoba Valley is proud to take part in this worldwide effort to preserve the environment and help saves the whales, while offering a high quality, reliable alternative: the Jojoba Valley jojoba oil.

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