Happy spring to all our partners, customers, friends and followers. This is how our plants are looking right now. One can see the flowers bloom…

What is more spring and fresh than youth? …And what is more youth (and trendy) than millennials?

It is clear nowadays that millennial-males, especially in the western world, drive the cosmetic industry towards a new, one can say revolutionary, direction.

Traditional gender norms are being broken down and challenged in ways unprecedented in categories traditionally viewed as ‘feminine’, such as cosmetics, highlighting key innovation opportunities for beauty manufacturers worldwide.

72% of millennial males believe their looks and appearance to be important to them, while 61% of millennial men prefer to be unique and stand out from the crowd. These millennial-males are something…(Source: GlobalData’s consumer research).

Millennial males seek freedom from the gender norms associated with traditional notions of ‘masculinity’, and in their continued quest for individuality, are turning toward the beauty industry to help differentiate them, similarly to the way they would with their clothing or music choices.

Mainstream beauty players and of-course niche players in the industry are creating. Just last year alone, prominent players such as Rimmel London and L’Oreal launched advertising campaigns featuring male spokesmen, often well-recognized within the beauty industry, to attract wider millennial appeal.

Milk Makeup came up with a ‘genderless campaign’ asking the viewers to ‘blur the lines’ between genders.

The call to marketers in the beauty industry is clear, Millennials and their evolving, unconventional attitudes are therefore creating important opportunities for brands to capitalise on.

(Source: http://news.in-cosmetics.com/)

Happy spring!
Jojoba Valley Team.

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