Cosmetic products manufacturers wake up! Your consumers trust you to protect mother nature.


Under the title ‘8 Cosmetology trends on the radar’ the prestigious website shares is knowledge with its readers offering the main future trends of the cosmetic industry. The 1st trend to lead the industry in the very near future is SUSTAINABILITY. Do I hear the word Jojoba in the crowd?..


The article states that global consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of environmental preservation. In this sense, products that are related to saving resources and to the non-disposal of waste that is aggressive to the environment are gaining value.


One environmental issue in particular deserves even greater attention: the water shortage. In a survey conducted by Mintel, it was reported that 33% of all consumers would pay more for equipment that would lead to water and energy savings (that is in the UK). So if consumers reduce the use of these items in their day-to-day life, they will also expect the brands they use to do the same. The survey also says that younger people will probably feel attracted to this type of product. A second recent survey by Mintel shows that 39% of all millennials prefer sustainable brands. Another point that has been widely debated is the use of microspheres in cosmetic products. Microspheres are spherical microparticles made of plastic, such as polypropylene, polystyrene and others of petrochemical origin, which are placed in some cosmetic and personal hygiene products as an abrasive. It just so happens that because microspheres are very small they are not filtered out by sewage treatment systems and are discarded in our oceans where they have a negative impact on the ecosystems of these places. For this reason, the tendency is that the use of microspheres will probably be banned by the end of 2017.


The article concludes stating that within the sustainability tendency, organic cosmetics will also continue gaining more and more ground.






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