Jojoba Scrub/Exfoliant

Our Jojoba Scrub is the perfect and most natural choice for a peeling agent. This exfoliant solution is a Zero-Waste, Upcycled solution that is made of the Meal or Press Cake (the solid leftover of the seeds, after the oil extraction) of the Jojoba seeds.
Being 100% natural scrub, it is the perfect alternative to synthetic or micro-plastic exfoliants.
The Scrub comes in different diameter, depending on the roughness and intensity the application requires. For more gentle applications, 300-500 micron particles will be recommended, while for a more intensive peeling effect, 500-800 microns particle size is available.

Cosmetic Properties
Skin rejuvenated appearance
Exfoliating effect
Removal of dead skin cells
supports revived and smooth appearance of the skin

Skin care: creams, lotions & balms
Solid and liquid soaps and cleansers
SPA: massage oils and butters