Jojoba Wax

Our Jojoba Wax comes in the form of  off-white pearls and is extremely convenient to use in formulations where Wax is needed. It acts as a technological aid, viscosity builder and an alternative to animal/mineral waxes, like Paraffin, Synthetic/Micro-plastic, beeswax, etc.).
This vegan, pure and natural Wax harnesses all natural attributes of Jojoba oil, in wax pearls form.

Cosmetic Properties
Viscosity builder
Vegetable source, purely natural wax
Contributes all advantages of Jojoba oil in formulations requiring solid wax
Assist in maintaining moisture in the skin
Assist in improving skin flexibility
Assist in stabilizing emulsions and Adjusts viscosity
Long shelf life

Skin care: creams, lotions & balms
Lipsticks & lip balms
Adds viscosity to butters and deodorant
Make up